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This Award-Winning Emergency Care Provider Is Changing the Way Emergency Care Is Done

When Andrea’s body stopped responding to medication she was prescribed, she thought she was just having a hard time recovering from an illness. Andrea decided to check in with staff at Complete Care to see if there was a reason why she wasn’t getting better. When she got to Complete Care’s Fossil Creek location, Andrea’s symptoms were worsening rapidly. Luckily, Complete Care doesn’t require patients seeking care to have an appointment. Read more here...

New Study Finds Patient Satisfaction is Higher at Freestanding Emergency Centers

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New Study Finds Patient Satisfaction is Higher at Freestanding Emergency Centers

Austin, TX— A new study published in the prestigious American Journal of Emergency Medicine found patient satisfaction is higher at Freestanding Emergency Centers (FECs) than at Hospital-Based Emergency Departments (HBEDs).

The study collected data in the following four areas: a. physician courtesy; b. physician listening ability; c. whether patients were informed about their treatment; and d. physician concern for patients’ comfort. In all areas, FECs received higher patient satisfaction than HBEDs.

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A Vote for Texas Patients: Access to ER Care and Coverage for Legitimate ER Visits Protected by the Texas House

House Bill 1832 Passes 113-35, Moves to the Texas Senate

Austin, TX - May 8, 2019 –The Texas Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers (TAFEC) commends the passage of HB 1832 by a strong majority, as it would prohibit health insurance companies that operate in Texas from violating the Prudent Layperson Standard. Most often, insurers do this by implementing policies or practices that render coverage for emergency services dependent upon a final diagnosis. This is already against the law; HB 1832 would ensure that there are strong penalties against violators of this vital patient protection law.

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Watch Out, Texas—Patient “Steering” is Dangerous and it’s Happening Here

By Eric McLaughlin, M.D., TAFEC Board Member, and Richard Yount, CEO, Patients Emergency Room

Steer (verb)to control the course ofto guide by mechanical means

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Texas’ Freestanding Emergency Centers Provide Critical Access to Care

Article written by Dr. Carrie de Moor is the CEO of Code 3 Emergency Partners based in Frisco, TX

A recent Houston Chronicle story highlighted consumer confusion about freestanding emergency centers (FECs) and questioned whether a patient’s ER care at an FEC would be covered by their insurance.

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#StillStandingTX – TFEC Respond To Hurricane Harvey

We stayed open. We never closed our doors. Anything that came, we took care of them without regard to whether we get reimbursed or not... Everybody was the same...

Watch this true story of real Texans with a heart for service. It chronicles medical personnel—devoted doctors, nurses, and technicians—in the storm’s path who risked much to keep their Freestanding Emergency Centers open in the lead-up to Hurricane Harvey, in the midst of the storm, and throughout its harrowing aftermath.

 Watch it Here

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Addressing the Root of Surprise Bills for Texans

Recently there has been much attention in the media and at the Texas Capitol placed on surprise bills for Texas consumers. One bill aimed at addressing surprise billing, Senate Bill 507 by Senator Kelly Hancock, is a step in the right direction for consumers to have an option for recourse against large medical bills.

However, expanding mediation efforts does not address the root of the problem, which is why we must supplement Senator Hancock’s efforts by taking aim at a new target. The “surprise” associated with medical bills stems from surprise coverage – when a patient is woefully underinsured and pays a larger out-of-pocket expense than anticipated for medical care.

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Sponsor Feature: Austin Generator Service

When it comes to the FEC market, the Austin Generator Service Team is “second to none” in delivering exceptional results! We are the industry experts who provide a complete approach to FEC Emergency Standby Generator requirements. Success begins with more than selecting a suitable generator system. It must be properly installed and maintained by trained professionals. And beyond our technical and industry expertise, the AGS Team cares about you and your experience.

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Member Highlight: Dr. Gillian Schmitz

My background had previously been practicing emergency medicine at academic medical centers and serving in various leadership roles at the state and national level with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). I started becoming frustrated by hospital inefficiencies, long patient wait times, suboptimal patient care, and physician burn-out in a hospital setting. I started moonlighting at Inwood and Full Spectrum Emergency Rooms, both physician-owned independent free standing emergency departments about 18 months ago. I quickly realized how free standing departments offer a much better health care delivery model and I have been hooked ever since. I now work full time at Full Spectrum ER, part time at First Choice ER, and am the first free-standing emergency physician to serve on the Board of Directors for ACEP. As a national leader for our specialty, I serve as the Board liaison to our free-standing section and advocate for physician satisfaction, excellence in patient care, and improved health care delivery through free standing emergency medicine.

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Misinformation Clouds Benefits of Freestanding Emergency Centers

Around the country, lawmakers, health insurers, and healthcare providers are attempting to address rising healthcare costs. While many factors contribute to this problem, among the most discussed are surprise billing and out-of-network healthcare. But much of what we hear about these issues is misleading, particularly when it comes from insurance companies, who attempt to blame rising healthcare costs on freestanding emergency centers (FECs).

In Texas, there are more than 325 FECs in operation. Their popularity is a testament to free market principles that have introduced much needed competition, resulting in increased access to care and convenience in the form of reduced wait times and a more dignified care environment compared to traditional hospital ERs.

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Member Highlight: Dr. Brent Wyatt

I received my Bachelor of Science decree in Wildlife Biology from Western Illinois University and went on to study medicine at Southern Illinois University.  It was in medical school that I realized my passion for emergency medicine.  I appreciated that emergency physicians had to know so much about every aspect of medicine, while also be prepared to handle medical emergencies no matter where they occur.

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Free-standing emergency centers offer top care and shorter wait times

By Nick Peters

Originally posted in the Dallas Morning News

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Member Highlight: Dr. Ryan Cradeur

During residency, I became close friends with Dr. John Turner. After several years working in emergency medicine, we discussed our frustration with hospital administrators having such a powerful influence over the way emergency medicine was practiced. We felt there had to be a better way for us to practice emergency medicine that aligned with what we considered best for the patients, staff, and ourselves as physicians. We learned about freestanding emergency centers from one of Dr. Turner's friends. The more we learned about the industry, the more we knew it was the style of emergency medicine we wanted to practice. Separating from the hospital and taking on this business venture is one of the best decisions we’ve made in our careers and we are very satisfied with the work that we are doing now.

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TAFEC Legislative Update: Senate Bill 425

Today Senate Bill 425, proposed by Sen. Charles Schwertner, was voted out of the Senate Business & Commerce Committee.

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