#StillStandingTX – TFEC Respond To Hurricane Harvey

We stayed open. We never closed our doors. Anything that came, we took care of them without regard to whether we get reimbursed or not... Everybody was the same...

Watch this true story of real Texans with a heart for service. It chronicles medical personnel—devoted doctors, nurses, and technicians—in the storm’s path who risked much to keep their Freestanding Emergency Centers open in the lead-up to Hurricane Harvey, in the midst of the storm, and throughout its harrowing aftermath.

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"We're making due, and we're happy, and we're right here to take care of the people of Rockport, Texas because they need us right now. Rockport is important, Rockport matters, and free-standing ERs matter."

"We were isolated in Lumberton community of about 13,000 people. As far as a 24/7 emergency facility with CT and X-ray and labs, and things like that, we're the only place in the county. We had first responders that were injured, we had a boat accident where a firefighter was hurt..."

"We started seeing a lot more ambulatory patients coming in, as well as we did take some EMS traffic briefly. The core employees that were here with us all had a lot more damage..."

Article in Texas Tribune TribTalk at https://www.tribtalk.org/2017/10/16/shelter-in-the-storm-lifesaving-hurricane-harvey-stories-you-might-have-missed/



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