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EPOWERdoc is a healthcare software and documentation solutions company based in Omaha, NE and has over 20 years of experience in providing the fastest premium template and EMR documentation solutions for the Hospital based ED and Freestanding Emergency Center. EPOWERdoc was created by Wes Grigsby, MD, FACEP, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Creighton University. He was joined by David Ernst, MD, FACEP in 2004 and together they assembled a team of ED Nurses and Physicians with the best software programming talent available to create the EMRDoc Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) around the challenging workflow of the ED.

EPOWERdoc has grown to become the leading provider of EDIS and patient management software for the FEC with its EMRDoc system. The EMRDoc system’s intuitive patented design features are specifically engineered to accommodate the interruptive and episodic workflow inherent in the FEC without any loss in clinical productivity, and is consistently favored by clinicians over alternative solutions. With a learning curve of hours instead of months, EMRDoc also solves the challenges that are inherent to the FEC of having to reeducate episodic clinical staff or having to up staff to accommodate an inefficient EMR. Built in clinical prompting and a Coding Assist tool also maximize potential reimbursement for the FEC practice.

Through a strategic partnership, EPOWERdoc is now able to offer a complete FEC practice management package that includes a fully integrated registration, documentation, patient management, facility and professional coding, and billing service that eliminates the need to obtain multiple solutions.


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