Key Benefits of TAFEC Membership

The freestanding emergency care industry offers unique benefits when compared to other emergency and urgent care providers. TAFEC works with members to ensure the following standards are maintained:

  • Access to emergency medical care is provided for every patient who comes to us.
  • Quality of care is unsurpassed, fully equipped for all medical emergencies, and closely regulated by the state. These licensed facilities are required to have an ER physician on hand 24/7.
  • Convenience is unparalleled. Freestanding emergency centers are frequently closer and wait time is consistently quicker than hospital ERs, and unlike urgent-care facilities, we are required to be open 24/7 to provide all levels of care.
  • Cost is equal to or less than hospital ER care.
  • Satisfaction is superior among all urgent- and emergency-care providers for everyone involved—patients, physicians, and staff.

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